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Image of Imperial War Museum

Interview with Business Development Manager at Imperial War Museum

Date posted: 03.12.2019

What does your role consist of at the Imperial War Museum?

As Business Development Manager I look after some of the museum's commercial business. This includes tours, experiences and commercial filming across our London sites; HMS Belfast, Churchill War Rooms and IWM London

What has been your most challenging film experience?

Basically anything large scale on HMS Belfast! There are many logistical challenges to having a big film crew on the ship – ladders, confined spaces, and all of the care and conservation concerns involved

What has been your most exciting or rewarding film experience?

I really enjoyed The Crown, because seeing the end result was amazing. The smoke and mirrors involved in making an old battleship look like the Royal Yacht was incredible!

What is the most recent feature or TV drama that has filmed at the Imperial War Museum?

In May, Morbius the Living Vampire was filmed on-board HMS Belfast. This is a Marvel spin off produced by Columbia Pictures with Jared Leto in the lead role

What is your favourite part of the venue and has anyone ever filmed there?

At Churchill War Rooms, the main corridors themselves are so atmospheric. Although I get a lot of small scale tv and documentary crews film there, we haven’t yet had a feature crew.

Which part of the venue is most-favoured by productions?

The corridors and top decks on HMS Belfast seem to be popular with productions, as they can double for lots of different types of vessels.

Is there anything unexpected or surprising about the venue,  that people might not be aware of currently? All our venues have so much history that I could talk about surprising stories and historical facts all day!

What is your favourite film/TV show of all time?

Tough question! Probably Mad Men…such a stylish and slick production and fascinating look at history.

Who would play you in a film bio of your life?

I have a degree in Drama so maybe I can play myself!

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