Led by Film London, Film Hub London is a collaborative network of film exhibitors in the capital that share a common goal: to ensure cinema is accessible to as many people across the city as possible. Membership of the Hub is free and open to all exhibitors in the capital – big and small.

From independent cinemas and multiplexes through to pop-ups and local film clubs, we bring together film exhibitors from across the city to learn from and support each other. The Hub works to make cinema more accessible and better reflect London's diverse communities, particularly in areas outside central London.

We engage new audiences with exciting screening events in every part of the city, giving all Londoners the opportunity to be challenged, inspired, moved and surprised by film.

Hub members have access to a wide range of resources, including funding opportunities, screening programmes, training, networking events and audience research. Our membership of over 230 exhibitors all benefit from the knowledge, support and partnership opportunities offered by being part of a skilled, vibrant and diverse network of film exhibitors.

About the Film Audience Network (FAN)

Film Hub London is part of the BFI Film Audience Network (BFI FAN), a nationwide network of exhibitors taking cultural cinema to their communities. The Network is aimed at boosting film audiences across the UK, particularly for specialised and independent British film.

FAN was set up in 2012, using funds from the National Lottery to support a stronger and more connected approach to growing audiences for British and international film on the big screen.

FAN is made up of eight regional and national Film Hub Lead Organisations (FHLO) providing a comprehensive geographic reach across the UK with the aim of increasing the breadth and depth of film available to audiences.

FAN is central to the BFI’s commitment in BFI2022, its current five year plan, to giving everyone, everywhere in the UK the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the richest and most diverse range of great British and international filmmaking, past, present and future.

More information about the BFI Film Audience Network can be found on the BFI website.

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