Film London Skills team is committed to nurturing creative or practical brilliance, offering a platform for a huge array of talent to flourish. Our training, mentoring and career development programmes are created to foster growth, inclusivity, and help realise the promise of a future in the globally admired creative screen industries.

Through these pages, you'll find ways to get into, and training for, a variety of roles within Film, Scripted and Unscripted TV, high-end TV, VFX, post-production, video games and animation and other areas within the screen sector. Film London Skills Team recruits, trains and supports new entrants to Heads of Department, equipping them to maximise the opportunities in our sector.

With a strong focus on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability, the Skills Team works closely with industry partners, and collaborates with higher education institutions and further education colleges.

We run the BFI's Metro London Skills Cluster Supported by National Lottery Fund and the Mayor of London’s Creative Skills Academywhich are founded on these industry-education partnerships, providing a rich variety of training, employment, support and career development programmes.

Central to all our work is our Equal Access Network (EAN), which connects diverse talent across the capital with the array of constantly changing opportunities in our sector, and to address employers’ skills needs.

"Equal Access Network (EAN) is a beacon of Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in the screen industries. It provides tailored support and comprehensive opportunities, ensuring all voices are heard and talents nurtured."

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