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At the heart of its skills initiatives, Film London’s Equal Access Network (EAN) is a beacon for Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in the screen industries. The team is passionate about the Equal Access Network (EAN)’s nurturing platform which is specifically tailored to support people who may feel that they have historically been overlooked or sidelined within the sector. The Equal Access Network’s (EAN) comprehensive offer spans training, events, and exclusive opportunities within the vibrant screen industries landscape.

However, the Equal Access Network (EAN) is not only a platform, it is a movement. We fervently believe in championing diversity and fostering a rich tapestry of voices and stories. Our key aim is to positively re-shape the contours of the industry, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their unique background or life experience, has a fair and equitable ‘seat at the table’.

By joining the Equal Access Networkyou can become part of our vibrant creative community and start forging your own path within the screen industries. Becoming an Equal Access Network (EAN) member will give you access to the the full array of our info and resources, advice and guidance, training courses, a weekly newsletter and ongoing posting of job opportunities. By working together, we can craft the next chapter of screen history.

As co-lead partner in one of the Mayor of London's Creative Skills Academies, Film London’s mission and core ethos for skills aligns with a grander vision: ensuring that the rich diversity of London itself is mirrored in its screen industries. We encourage members to see the Equal Access Network (EAN) as their bridge to an expansive industry network, especially if they have always felt those crucial contacts to be just out of reach.

Participants of Getting into Film and TV

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The EAN aims to remove all barriers to entry and is free to join and open to all. If you are a new entrant, returner, mid-level professional in the film and TV industry or looking to make a career change then join the EAN today.

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Working alongside the industry we help our EAN members get jobs, placements and traineeships that often act as a launchpad for their careers. Many of our members go on to sustain successful careers in the Film and TV industry. We are proud to be supported by some of the most exciting companies in the industry.

As well as helping connect the network’s members with productions and companies, the EAN runs a number of initiatives, including free regular masterclasses with industry leaders and experienced practitioners, an annual New Entrants Course, which covers everything from development to post-production, internship/returnship schemes, access to online resources as well as tailored careers advice, 1-2-1 CV clinics and mock interview sessions.

EAN members have worked on shows and at companies including:

  • HBO’s Avenue 5
  • Sister Pictures’ Chernobyl
  • Plan B’s The Third Day
  • Pathé
  • Working Title Films
  • SunnyMarch
  • Green Door Pictures

Previous masterclasses have been led by speakers such as:

  • Emma Pike, Head of Production at Two Brothers Pictures - Fleabag
  • Victoria Musguin-Rowe, Producer of Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation
  • Fleur Whitlock, Production Designer of The End of the F***ing World
  • Tim Allen, Lead Animator of Isle of Dogs

The EAN aims to remove all barriers to entry and it is free to join and open to all. If you are a new entrant, returner, mid-level professional in the film and TV industry or looking to make a career change, join the EAN today.

What our members say

Without any experience or contacts in the industry, I worried I would struggle to get any work at all. I found Film London's Equal Access Network and immediately signed up. Within a year of entering the industry I have gained 21 production credits and will soon begin working for Sky Sports as a Production Junior!

Chandni Pagarani, EAN member

As a foreigner in the UK, it can be quite difficult to get your foot in the Film and TV industry. For me Film London and their partners from Greenshoot are the reason that I am now working full time as a production assistant on a High End TV Drama series. Being part of the EAN was the best step I took to start building my own network in the industry.

Giorgos Kapsanakis, EAN Member