UPstream is an innovative IP Market launched by Film London in 2019. The event showcases a carefully curated selection of new and exciting adaptable IP and early stage projects, for an audience of Film, TV and Games producers and development executives.

UPstream reflects and caters for the screen industries’ ever-changing landscape, upholding London’s reputation as a global destination for content and production. Some of London’s leading companies have attended the event, including Lionsgate, Bankside, All3media, West End Films, Red Arrow, Endor Productions, Britbox, Home Team, Nexus Studios, Neon Films and Green Door Productions.

UPstream is an annual event that takes place each spring in central London. It is also available online throughout the year, with a fresh batch of under-the-radar IPsters presenting new IP projects available for development and adaptation sent to attendees each quarter.

Read more about the 2023 and 2024 events.

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The event is invitation-only.

Last year our attending buyers said:

  • "Finally, an event that allows independent producers access to attractive IP from the ground floor."
  • "A great event that brings together the work of talented creative people with a breadth of possible opportunities for their creations."
  • "Very well organised. Great mix of people and very enjoyable."
  • "Excellent selection of interesting IP as ever, in the context of a very well-organised and user-friendly event. I look forward to the next one!"
  • "Another great day with exciting IP showcased. Thank you Film London for curating such a brilliant catalogue of talent."

Past IP presenters include:

Enid Zentelis, who presented her podcast series, How My Grandmother Won WWII, at UPstream 2021, where she secured a development deal with (Red Arrow Studio’s) Kinetic Content to develop as a scripted project.

Enid said: "I am deeply grateful to Film London’s UPstream for inviting me to participate in this important market. As a result, I have a dream deal with wonderful partners to continue this storytelling journey about my radical ancestors.”

Alodie Fielding, who presented her illustrated story Amanita/Dark Dank Woods, at UPstream in February 2022, where it was optioned by a leading Games studio.

Alodie said: “I never even thought about my idea becoming a game, but it means that it will go off in another direction and have a life of its own. I have moved so far forward in this process, I wouldn't have believed it was possible if you told me this would happen back in August 2021."