Green Screen is a practical online tool that supports environmentally friendly filming in London.

The platform enables productions to set their own environmental targets, and provides them with an action plan to help them achieve their goal.

Over 300 productions have achieved certification at the Green Level (entry) of the Green Screen stamp since 2016.

In 2019, the Silver Level was introduced with qualifying productions so far including The Crown Season 4 (Netflix), Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Regency Enterprises, Film4, Warp Films, New Regency Pictures) and Quiz (Left Bank Pictures).

Productions that register for Green Screen receive access to resource guides, a bespoke crew memo, simple tailored tips for each production department and a trained Green Steward.

After achieving their goals, they are awarded with the official Green Screen stamp, which they can use on their endroll and promotional materials to demonstrate their green credentials to the world.

Every Green Screen production is helping to make London's screen industries more sustainable, cutting their own costs through reduced waste and energy consumption and reducing their carbon emissions.

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Green Screen is a joint initiative between Film London and sustainability consultancy Greenshoot. The Green Screen environmental programme is supported by the London Filming Partnership and London's Borough Film Services.

16.8% of carbon savings have been achieved across over 300 productions that have shot in London and certified through Green Screen. Film London also supports Greenshoot’s Green Screen training programme and Greenshoot are a member of our Equal Access Network.

  • 2016When the scheme launched
  • Over 300Productions have shot in London and certified through Green Screen
  • 16.8%Of carbon savings have been achieved

Locations Discount Scheme

Many of Film London's Premiere Locations and London Filming Partnership members are keen to actively support our Green Screen environmental programme and encourage productions to take steps to be more environmentally sustainable.

In order to incentivise productions to sign up to the scheme, the following locations will offer a 3% - 5% discount on filming fees to those signed up to Green Screen.

Discount will vary from location to location and minimum spend levels may apply. Please be aware, discounts will apply to location fees only and will not apply to facilitation or admin fees.

Green Screen

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Green Screen: Europe

Film London is the lead partner of an Interreg Europe funded project, also titled Green Screen, that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of European film and TV production.

The film and TV industries are a successful driver for growth across Europe, but they are also a major source of carbon emissions. Productions move between locations and affect the environment through their use of transport, construction, lighting, catering and water. Some companies have recognised the environmental impact of their activities and are changing working practices to make their operations more sustainable.

Green Screen works across eight EU regions over five years to improve policies and achieve measurable success in reducing the carbon footprint of the film and TV industries. Participating European regions work to improve policies, share learning and best practices and to motivate and equip the current and future workforce to adopt sustainable protocols and reduce CO2 emissions.

The European Green Screen project runs until December 2021. Partners include:

• Film London (UK) – Lead Partner

• Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania)

• Choose Paris (France)

• Slovak Audiovisual Fund / Slovak Film Commission (Slovakia)

• Municipality of Ystad (Sweden)

• Municipal Company of Initiatives of Malaga S.A. – Promlaga (Spain)

• Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Poland)

• Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Belgium)

The project is funded by the EU’s Interreg Europe programme through the European Regional Development Fund.

The Green Screen Partnership has been publishing guidance, cases studies and research reflecting practices across Europe and interregional learning. Find out more about Green Screen

The Grid Project

When filming on location, productions establish a unit base that requires generators to supply electricity. These generators use either diesel or petrol, producing harmful pollutants which contribute to poor air quality, and increased noise levels.

The Grid Project is a pilot setting out to supply green energy via the mains network to key unit bases in the capital. Installing electrical cabinets that productions can plug into rather than using diesel generators will reduce the environmental impact of filming by drastically reducing harmful emissions, noise pollution and fuel costs. The cabinets will also be available for use during events, reducing diesel generator usage in other industries.

Film London is working with key stakeholders to implement this pilot at three unit basis in London: Victoria Park, Battersea Park and North Horse Ride.

The project is supported by the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund and receives EU funding from Interreg Europe under the European Regional Development Fund. Funding for the pilot site at Victoria Park has been secured while Film London is fundraising further for Battersea Park and North Horse Ride.

For more information on the Grid Project and fundraising involvement, please contact

The Grid Project started as part of the European partnership project Green Screen, funded by Interreg Europe. The film and television industry in Belgium has already found solutions to plug into the electrical grid when filming on location, and Green Screen project partner Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) shared this experience within the project.

Thanks to the European collaboration and funding, the Grid Project was made possible.

The Future is Green Conference

On Thursday 28 October The Future is Green, the Green Screen EU sustainability conference for the audio-visual industry. Filmmakers, industry and sustainability experts from across Europe came together to examine the research and developments made in implementing and measuring sustainable best practice. Find out more about some of the projects to come from the Green Screen EU partnership in the films below.

Grid Project
Green Screen
Sustainability In Practice