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Locations and production support

Get advice on London locations, studios, facilities and permissions.

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Talent development

Find out about our training and funding schemes for filmmakers here. If you have a question that's not answered there, contact us below. Note: we do not fund or develop projects outside the schemes listed at the above link, and we cannot accept unsolicited scripts or ideas.

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Email production@filmlondon.org.uk

Business development

Find out about bringing your production to London and our industry events.

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Press and communications

Get in touch with any press enquiries, or to ask about our newsletters or website.

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Film Hub London

Find out about film exhibition and audiences in London.

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Email filmhublondon@filmlondon.org.uk


Find out about artists' moving image, including funding and the Jarman Award.

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Email flamin@filmlondon.org.uk

London's Screen Archives

Find out about preserving and sharing London’s history on film.

Call 020 7613 7674
Email screenheritage@filmlondon.org.uk
Web www.londonsscreenarchives.org.uk

Equal Access Network

Find out about the network that ensures London’s screen industries represent the diversity of the city itself, by helping new entrants, mid-level and returners to get in, stay in and return to the TV and Film industry.

Email equalaccess@filmlondon.org.uk


Call 020 7613 7687
Email finance@filmlondon.org.uk