Training and Development


We aim to equip a diverse professional community to access opportunities, fulfil their potential and leave their mark on the screen industries.

At Film London, we are deeply committed to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth within the screen industries through our comprehensive training and development programmes. These programmes are carefully crafted in collaboration with a robust industry network and are supported by our education and industry partnerships through the Equal Access Network (EAN), the Metro London Skills Cluster and theMayor of London’s Creative Skills Academy.

The programmes are designed to cater to a wide range of skills needs and they include both intensive short courses and more extensive long-term training. In addition to skills development, we facilitate networking and other events.

In striving to cultivate a more diverse and vibrant screen sector, we place particular emphasis on supporting individuals from underrepresented and marginalised communities. We also aim to ensure that people have the chance to shine in a range of roles within the sector.

In September 2023, we were proud to launchFilm London Connect, our pioneering mentorship initiative. This programme (which is part of the Equal Access Network (EAN) and the Metro London Skills Cluster) is designed to bridge gaps and unlock potential within the burgeoning talent pool of the screen sector. Film London Connect matches early stage entrants to the sector from underrepresented backgrounds and aged of 18-24, with industry mentors who can support them in dealing with the challenges of their work environment and fulfilling their potential for progression.

Thes Equal Access Network (EAN)’s multi-faceted initiatives are specifically tailored to support individuals at various stages of their career: i.e. from those taking their first steps into the world of film/TV to mid-career professionals seeking to advance.