EAN ‘Intro to Development’ Creative Skills Academy Course

Latest 25 Jul 2023

News Story

The Film London Equal Access Network were delighted to be working with Pamela Drameh, award-winning Producer, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling alumni, who facilitated a jam-packed week of Q&A sessions, group tasks and guest speakers for the recent smash-hit Creative Skills Academy course, ‘Intro to Development.’

This flagship course, which received over 120 applications, saw participants practice a pitch exercise throughout the week, complete a script reporting exercise (led by Pamela and Mike Powell’s company, Diverse Readers Inc.), and engage in talks with industry figures.

Here are some testimonials of what EAN talented members had to say:

Beatrice - "Such an insightful course, which included such a wide range of inspiring guest speakers. I have learnt so many skills in writing script coverage, pitching, networking & formed a great community of fellow creatives working across the industry."

Martha - "The course was an amazing experience and I got to meet such a talented group of creators. Together we got the chance to practice pitching and script reports in a collaborative, supportive setting, which was invaluable. In addition, it was such a joy to learn from incredible industry professionals."

We’d like to say a special thank you to all of our guest speakers:
Paida Mutonono, Ros Bomford, Inês Santos, Olympia Christofinis, Iria Pizania, Kiren Dhadwal, Racha Sobratee, Isabelle Clarke, Lare Oyefusi, Ben Metcalf, Priya Giga and Moritz Valero.

Graham Goddard, the EAN’s new Creative Skills Training Coordinator, had this to say:
"I could not think of a better course to work on, as my first (of many) in my new role at Film London. The entire group was fantastic and the collaborative spirit and eagerness to build on skills and knowledge was very inspiring. A great collective of talented individuals, not forgetting the brilliant guest speakers from across the world of Development."