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Unlocking your potential in the screen industries

Are you passionate about breaking into the screen industries but finding it a challenge? Do you feel there is more you can achieve, or that you need a wider circle of industry contacts? If so, we are here to guide and support you.

At Film London’s Equal Access Network (EAN), we believe in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds. This is what we offer:

Networking Events: Connect, collaborate, and create with other people who are seeking to use their skills within the industry as well as existing industry professionals

Training & Development: Elevate your skills and knowledge to meet industry standards. Maybe your skills and experience in other areas such as finance, IT, construction, fashion, hairdressing? You might be surprised! These are skills are badly needed by the screen industries and we can help you to transfer them

Employment & Crewing Opportunities: Through our Equal Access Network (EAN) platform, you can access a myriad of work opportunities, from big-screen extravaganzas to indie gems

Broaden Your Horizons: It's not just about film; explore opportunities to use or develop your skills for other fascinating areas of the industry such as games and animation.

With the Equal Access Network (EAN) you are not just joining a network, you are becoming part of a community which celebrates diversity and talent. Whether you're looking to start your own venture or eager to contribute to established productions, the Equal Access Network (EAN) is your launchpad.