London Games Festival 2022 preview: Silt

Latest 26 Apr 2022

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Munaiba Mahmood, member of Film London's Equal Access Network

Munaiba Mahmood, member of Film London's Equal Access Network

Munaiba Mahmood, a member of Film London's Equal Access Network, recently previewed mystery game Silt as part of the London Games Festival 2022 Official Selection. Continue reading for Munaiba's thoughts.

Silt (Spiral Circus) is visually interesting. You're alone in an underwater abyss, a diver searching the deep sea to uncover long-forgotten mysteries. It’s set in a surreal oceanic void, exploring the depths, possessing the creatures around you in order to solve environmental puzzles and travel deeper into the darkness.

To help you on your quest, you have the spooky ability to possess small sea creatures that can help you solve environmental puzzles and easily traverse through dangerous areas.

Silt, courtesy of Spiral Circus

Silt, courtesy of Spiral Circus

I think this is a quite fascinating concept with the unknown horrors such as the giant angler eel. The mystery of your character and all the other creatures going deeper to reach a strange machine.

I gave it a go first because it seemed really confusing on how to set the diver free at first. I had to watch a video of this after playing for a bit and after watching a demo I went back and so I knew exactly what to do, but if I didn't watch the video I think that I would have a problem with solving the puzzles.

All in all this game is a very visually mind bending experience that has really got me excited.

Silt was selected as part of Narrative Excellence, 2022 Official Selection. Find out more about Silt.

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