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Our collection of Film London Masterclass sessions feature members of our Film London team talking to industry professionals about their role, career advice, tips for excelling in their field and much more. Each one introduces you to a new area of our screen industries and gives you an introduction as well as next steps for learning more about this section of the industry or getting involved in it yourself.

Many of our Film London Masterclass sessions are run in association with our Equal Access Network. The EAN aims to remove all barriers to entry and is free to join and open to all. If you are a new entrant, returner, mid-level professional in the film and TV industry or looking to make a career change then join the EAN today to take part in initiatives and masterclasses as well as receive industry connections and hear about entry-level jobs in film, television and more first.

Film London Masterclass: An Introduction to Artists working with Film

FLAMIN Production Coordinator Greta Hewison welcomes three exceptional artists doing ground-breaking, award-winning work with film (Billy Dosanjh, Onyeka Igwe and Anita Safowaa). They share with us their work and how to create your own career as an artist, film-maker, creative!

Film London Masterclass: Creating with BRON

Film London CEO Adrian Wootton OBE is joined by Brenda Gilbert, President and Co-Founder of BRON Media. Brenda Gilbert is a Variety 500 member who, with BRON Studios, has produced films such as Bombshell, Judas and the Black Messiah, Pieces of a Woman and more. In this session Brenda shares how she trail-blazed her own career in live action & animation film, discussing how she got her start in the industry, how she feels as a woman-of-color working in Hollywood, the beauty of animation as an artform and much more.

Film London Masterclass: A Runners Bootcamp

Hear from panelists Carissa Thorne, Tom Poon, Nikita Dosanjh, Tayo Odesanya and Beth Bacon, on how to best navigate a film set as a runner and make the most out of the opportunity. They are EAN members with experience on great projects including: The Academy Awards, Ted Lasso, Killing Eve, Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and Wimbledon. In conversation with Rebecca Baker they share their advice on getting in and moving up in the industry.

Film London Masterclass: Starting a Career in Research & Development

If you're interested in a career in development but don't know where to begin, this masterclass can be your first step. Taking place on Tuesday 16th November, a panel of development professionals at various stages of their careers discuss their careers and roles, and give tips for how to thrive in this exciting area of film production.

Film London Masterclass: Making 'Last Train to Christmas'

Watch Writer/Director Julian Kemp discuss making 'Last Train to Christmas' with Anthony Andrews, Co-Founder and Creative Director of 'We are Parable'. Together they revisit the film's timeline and talk about the process of writing, building a team for, and launching 'Last Train to Christmas' is set to premiere on 18th December via Sky Cinema and Now.

Film London Masterclass: Introduction to Freelance Finances

This fun session with finance trainer David Thomas looks at how you can take control of your freelance finances. With tips on how to assess your financial situation and how to use various tools to monitor income and spending, the masterclass covers:

  1. How to set budgets in your personal life, including for savings
  2. How tax and National Insurance work, particularly for freelancers
  3. How to plan your income and spending to ensure you don’t run out of cash
  4. How freelancing comes in many forms
Film London Masterclass: Introduction to COVID Departments

Demand for COVID roles is set to rise massively in the new year (2022). Anticipating this rising demand the Equal Access Network has hosted a panel discussion, including excellent members with experience in the COVID department, Ayah Hart, Tayyib Mahmood, and Ismael Abdulah. They discuss how this department can be an excellent route into film, providing room for growth in department and transferable on set experience.

Film London Masterclass: Being an artist filmmaker with Hetain Patel and Qila GIll

Film London Jarman Award winning artist filmmaker Hetain Patel is joined in conversation with programmer and producer Qila Gill for an in-depth discussion on Patel's experiences navigating the art and film worlds, and where they crossover.

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BFI NETWORK Shorts School

BFI NETWORK Shorts School was a week-long Lab dedicated to the moving image, in the short form, that took place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 April. It features free video workshops on DIY Filmmaking (with director Jim Cummings), Social Media Strategy (with Ahmad Swaid) and Branding Your Short (with Tom Brumpton and Katie McCullough)

Watch BFI NETWORK Shorts School sessions here.