Film London Masterclass: An Introduction to Artists working with Film

Latest 6 May 2021

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“I felt some insecurities about not having gone to film school. But I realised it's my experiences and developing my voice that is more important." Anita Safowaa

In another of our Film London Masterclass sessions, presented by FLAMIN and our Equal Access Network, FLAMIN Production Coordinator Greta Hewison welcomes three exceptional artists doing ground-breaking, award-winning work with film. They share with us their work and how to create your own career as an artist, film-maker, creative!

Billy Dosanjh is a visual artist and documentary-filmmaker whose work investigates race, the working class, immigrant life in the Black Country and their lack of representation in mainstream culture.

Onyeka Igwe
is a London artist and researcher working between cinema and installation. Onyeka uses dance, voice, archive and text to expose a multiplicity of narratives, explores the physical body and geographical place as sites of cultural and political meaning.

Anita Safowaa
primarily focuses on examining under-documented cultural moments with the purpose of preserving them, using a range of mediums including film, reflective writing, personal archives and new media technologies.

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