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From iconic landmarks to seemingly indistinct woodland, London's range of locations is rivalled by none. Through our free locations advice service we can help you find exactly what you need.

Locations Advice

We don't provide permits for filming, but we can help advise you on who you need to contact when filming in London. Our Get Permission pages provide information on how to obtain licences, as well as useful contact details and guidelines for filming in London.

To help you find your ideal location, we also have a large directory where you can create your own folios of locations or request contact details to liaise direct with location owners.

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London’s Landmarks

For more information on filming many of London’s iconic buildings please visit our Popular Locations pages.

The Cost

It shouldn't cost too much to film in London, but fees will almost always be charged to film in a privately owned location. Fees are charged on a case-by-case basis and depend on your specific requirements. The fee needs to be negotiated directly with the location owner.

There will not be a filming fee to film on the street. But the Borough Film Service might charge an admin fee and for additional council services, including but not limited to:

  • Waste disposal
  • Parking suspensions and dispensations
  • Set visits from the Film Officer

The Borough Film Service can also charge a filming fee for any council owned locations including housing estates, schools, commons, Town Halls and so on.

See a full breakdown of all borough charges.

To find out more visit our Working with Boroughs pages.

Looking for a Location Manager?

A location manager with good working knowledge of London will be invaluable in helping your project run smoothly. A good location manager will:

  • Find locations, negotiate with owners and agree
  • Be adept at negotiating permission to film in public spaces, with a thorough understanding of the requirements of Local Authorities.
  • Be trained in UK Health & Safety regulations
  • Have experience of liaising with the police for traffic management

Our Locations Crew Network can help you find the right location manager for you. Contact us on 020 7613 7683 or email for a consultation and recommendation.