About the Film London Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service connects producers and production crew within the film industry with a wide array of services and suppliers ranging from hotels and restaurants to ground transportation and flight carriers. An exclusive service, this network not only gives you access to a quick and easy way to find the best services but also offers exclusive discounts to save money on production costs.

If you are working in the film industry and looking for the most effective way to put together a reliable and efficient production, the Film London Concierge Service take the pain out of research and instead offers you everything you need, with direct introductions to our trusted partners, who fully understand production requirements.

Premiere Partners

Premiere Services is a select group of trusted Film London partners, who provide essential professional services to the UK film industry. Each of these partners has been approved by Film London, so you can be assured that
you are working with companies that offer a best in class service.


Financial Services

London, UK & Worldwide

How can currency exchange affect the film and media industry? International production, overseas investment, and a global workforce may require international payments. Each transaction may be affected by an ever-moving foreign exchange market, which could alter the value of an international payment, and affect the cost to your business or production. Leading the way in international payments and foreign exchange for over 40 years, we offer competitive rates, low fees and expert guidance. Make the most out of your money with moneycorp.

Benefit from a free FX health assessment today, to help you develop your FX strategy and mitigate currency risk and costs.

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Financial Services

London, WC2 & Guildford, Surrey

Our media team is made up of experienced sector specialists who have a combination of tax, accounting, auditing and corporate finance skills. We’ve been actively advising the industry for over 50 years, working with a range of film production companies; from independents, classic British productions, Bollywood films and Animation, through to Oscar winners Since the early 90’s we’ve helped countless UK and overseas production companies successfully apply for UK Film Tax Relief. Alliotts Media currently handles around a 15% share of the market for obtaining film tax credit refunds for independent productions with budgets up to £20m.

A complimentary 30 minute online consultation.

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Performance Insurance


Performance Film and Media is part of the Aston Lark group and are proud to be one of the top five independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in the Country. Trusted by over 100,000 clients across the UK, our services across the group are wide-ranging but always personal. We have over 25 years of experience in the creative industries, providing insurance to all sizes of businesses. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your unique requirements so that we can find solutions to your problems while always providing you with a first class service.

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For over a century, motion picture artists worldwide have chosen KODAK film to elevate their work and inspire their audiences. For those who want the best out of every aspect of their production, film is essential. Shooting on film is cost-effective, because film drives efficiency, reduces shooting ratios and helps your cast and crew focus. Labs are opening worldwide, with processing expertise right where you need it. Film's unique beauty guarantees the cinematic look audiences connect with. Motion pictures on film win awards. And to preserve your project for future generations, film is the only, proven choice.

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