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Green Tomato Cars

Green Tomato Cars offers TV & Film industry clients the opportunity to work with us as Europe’s largest Zero Emission fleet of vehicles (our hydrogen cell powered Toyota Mirai) and our industry leading Low Emission fleet. We also double offset our unavoidable emissions through projects, providing cookstoves and water filtration in Guatemala and offer MI reporting tools as a dedicated online dashboard, enabling your production team to keep track of your carbon footprint.

Bespoke fares, which will reduce the overall ground transport budget for your team.

Zipcar for Business

Unit Vehicle Services

Our partner Zipcar for Business is here to keep your business moving. Drive by the minute, hour or day and choose one of the 3,000 cars or vans near your home. Payonly when you need the vehicle, using their one-way service Flex or return trip service Roundtrip - the choice is yours. Oh and of course, no need to worry about Congestion Charge, ULEZ and insurance - Zipcar has it covered. Film London members get one year free business membership (worth £99), up to 29% off standard driving rates and £30 driving credit to help you get going.

£80 free driving credit when you sign up between 1st-5th March. Get access to over 3,000 cars and vans 24/7 and a year’s free business membership worth £99.

Contact Laura Martin-Prud'homme at Zipcar

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