Jarman Award 2020 tour

Latest 2 Sept 2020

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Selection of stills from Jarman Award films

Jarman Award 2020 tour composite. (Top left to bottom right) Stills from work by Larissa Sansour, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Project Art Works, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jenn Nkiru

This year’s Film London Jarman Award tour will see the best in contemporary artists’ filmmaking taken on a virtual tour to venues across the UK from 24 September – 19 November 2020.

For 2020 the Jarman Award will tour virtually across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with online screenings of works by all the shortlisted artists followed by a series of online artists’ Q&As. The work will be available to see through the websites of seven major arts venues in Belfast, Nottingham, Bristol, Eastbourne, London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

The tour will culminate in a special weekend of online events on 14 and 15 November in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery, London. The Film London Jarman Award Weekend will allow visitors to see all the shortlisted artists discussing their work.

The winner of the Award will be announced with exciting online programming for this year’s Awards Ceremony, on 24 November 2020. Watch the prize ceremony here.

Jarman Award 2020 tour events

Films in the Jarman Award 2020 touring programme

Michelle Williams Gamaker, House of Women (2017), 14’17”

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, In my Room (2020), 17’44”

Project Art Works, Illuminating the Wilderness (2019), 38’

Jenn Nkiru, BLACK TO TECHNO (2019), 20’

Larissa Sansour, In Vitro (2019), 28’

Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Civil Rites (2017), 28’

Featuring work from the artists shortlisted for the 2020 Film London Jarman Award, the tour will offer art and film lovers the chance to explore a diverse and exciting range of work, from Larissa Sansour’s 2-channel black and white sci-fi film to Jenn Nkiru’s exploration of the black history of techno music.

Stories take us from Michelle Williams Gamaker’s reimagining of the 1947 Powell and Pressburger film, Black Narcissus, to an exploration of the rapid gentrification of Birmingham’s Gay Village by Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings. A groundbreaking film by Project Art Works crosses boundaries between culture and care as they work with neurodivergent artists and makers and Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s cine-poem Civil Rites looks at the enduring subjects of poverty, racism and war through the voices of Newcastle residents.