Selection of stills from Jarman Award films

Film London Jarman Award Weekend at the Whitechapel Gallery

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  • location: Whitechapel Gallery (Online)
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Discover the incredible diversity of approaches in artists’ filmmaking in the UK, with this weekend of talks, performances and presentations from the shortlist of this year’s Film London Jarman Award, which comes with £10,000 prize money.

The artists shortlisted this year are: Michelle Williams Gamaker, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Jenn Nkiru, Project Art Works, Larissa Sansour and Andrea Luka Zimmerman.

The full Weekend programme is available to view on the Whitechapel Gallery website, including one work from each of the shortlisted artists.

Films in the Jarman Award 2020 Touring Programme

Michelle Williams Gamaker, House of Women (2017), 14’17”

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, In my Room (2020), 17’44”

Project Art Works, Illuminating the Wilderness (2019), 38’

Jenn Nkiru, BLACK TO TECHNO (2019), 20’

Larissa Sansour, In Vitro (2019), 28’

Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Civil Rites (2017), 28’

Top image: Jarman Award 2020 tour composite. (Top left to bottom right) Stills from work by Larissa Sansour, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Project Art Works, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jenn Nkiru

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