The FLAMIN Fellowship 2021-2022

The FLAMIN Fellowship

Composite of FLAMIN Fellowship 2021-2022 artists. Top left to bottom right: Mahenderpal Sorya, Shamica Ruddock, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Sweatmother, Seema Mattu, Alan Cunningham

Taking vastly different approaches to the moving image, the selected artists utilize hybrid documentary, performance, 3D world-building, puppetry, collage, archival footage, text and poetry within their varied work. Projects supported through this round of The Fellowship explore bold and diverse themes, offering insights into the mythical landscapes of Ireland and North Africa, queer counter-histories and rain-bow capitalism, as well as Afro-Caribbean folklore. Other projects will explore sys-tems of caste, diasporic memory and transgenerational trauma through web-series, 16mm filmmaking and appropriated Bollywood cinema.

The FLAMIN Fellowship 2021-2022 artists