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Film London Labs returns for 2020: The Future is in Your Phone

Date posted: 18.02.2020

The Future is in Your Phone is an event for filmmakers who are interested in expanding their horizons beyond traditional screens and focusing on the increasingly interesting stories happening on social platforms and in the interactive world.

If you’ve ever been impressed by the creative simplicity of the “Be Beyonce’s assistant” game on Twitter, the possibilities represented by ‘real-time’ Facebook ‘show’ SKAM Austin or just generally interested in engaging with audiences in new and exciting ways, this Lab is for you.

Here to guide us through the many faces of ‘cinema’ in the digital age are two very special guests – Charlie Shackleton, BIFA-winning filmmaker and one third of Loop; and Nihal Tharoor and Benedict Tatham of interactive entertainment studio Electric Noir.

Since his singularly eye-catching features Beyond Clueless (2014) and Fear Itself (2015) — dealing with the ‘teen movie’ and the horror genre, respectively, through a dizzying use of archive footage — Charlie has always been a keen observer of culture and how we engage with it.

His recent work includes a video essay on our relationship to TikTok for Sight & Sound; and A Machine for Viewing, an interactive piece exploring the relationship between film and VR at this year’s Sundance.

In this session, Charlie will explore the future of film, the ways we tell stories in 2020, and the challenges that come with capturing attention on social platforms.

Electric Noir’s Nihal and Benedict are film people who have been developing a mobile-first storytelling platform since 2017, in an attempt to reflect how traditional moving image content has changed in a world where everyone lives on a smartphone.

We’ll learn more about their flagship series Dead Man's Phone – the mobile-first crime drama where you, the detective, investigate and solve murders through the smartphone of victims – as Nihal and Benedict unpack their insights into interactive filmmaking for mobile, and explore narrative opportunities unique to this medium.

The Future is in Your Phone takes place from 1-6pm on Tuesday 25 February at We Are Social Studios. Tickets are £24 and can be purchased HERE

If the ticket cost is a barrier for you, get in touch and we'll see if we can help out.

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