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London is a global animation success story attracting the best creative and production talent to its studios. Coupled with one of the most attractive simple tax credit in the world (Learn more about Tax Relief for Animation). London is the largest animation hub in the UK with more than fifty world-class animation producers and studios specialising in 2D, CGI and stop-frame animation. Our studios have been working with international partners for more than twenty-five years delivering some of the finest and innovative animation seen on screens big and small around the world.

Whatever you are looking for in animation London can deliver. Whether you are considering setting up a studio here or looking for the right partner for your project, we offer free advice and guidance on all aspects as the project progresses through to delivery.

You can read Film London's Animation Strategy for 2021 here.

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Anthem Studios

Both in our original IP development and in commercial and service work, we look for new, interesting and vibrant ways to get stories onscreen.

Visit Anthem Studios website.

Bad Studio

Bad Studio is a design-led, award-winning studio who specialise in bringing any brands message to life through playful and lovingly crafted 2D & 3D animation.

Visit Bad Studio website.

Bigfatstudio Limited

Children's series production and supervision, Pre-school and tween, CGI, 2D and Stop-frame. Have managed and produced Feature films, TV Series and Half hour specials.

Visit Bigfatstudio Limited website.

Blind Pig

Blind Pig is an award-winning, tight-knit collective of animators, designers, illustrators and animation directors, helping leading brands engage audiences through captivating craft.

We are avid storytellers and can execute anything from stylised hand-drawn 2D characters, dynamic motion graphics to fully photoreal CG, be it for film, broadcast, advertising or experiential.

We’re also the sister company of post-production studio Absolute, with a team of editors, graders, vfx artists and long-form producers at our disposal.

Visit Blind Pig website.

Blink Industries

Blink Industries is a BAFTA-nominated entertainment production and development studio, working across animation and puppetry for both family and adult audiences.

Visit Blink Industries website.

Bold Content Video

London based animation production company creating brand animations and specialising in the education and tech sector. Creators of STEM educational animation series Katie and Tex.

Visit Bold Content Video website.

Boundless Studio

Boundless is a creative animation studio with a commercial background in TV, advertisement and motion graphics.

Visit Boundless Studio website.


CAKE is an award-winning company specialising in the production, distribution, development, financing and brand development of kids’ and family properties.

Visit CAKE website.


Est in 1991, Cinesite is one of the world’s most highly respected independent digital entertainment studios, producing award-winning animation and visual effects for film, broadcast & SVOD platforms.

Visit Cinesite website.

Cookie Studios

Cookie is the animation studio busily cooking up animation on behalf of filmmakers, brands, broadcast, and advertising patrons. Specialising in motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

Visit the Cookie Studio website.

Creature Productions

Creature Productions is a small but mighty Animation Studio based in London. Our award-winning team creates explainer videos, commercials and branded content.

View Creature Productions website

Dazzle Ship

Animation, motion graphics + design creative production agency based in London. Working across broadcast, gaming, advertising and NFT.

Visit Dazzle Ship website.

DNEG Feature Animation

A division of the award-winning global VFX studio, DNEG Feature Animation collaborates with filmmakers and IP owners to create high-end full CG animated films and series.

Visit DNEG Feature Animation website.

Dragonbee LTD

Dragonbee focuses on high-end artistic 2D animation for film and TV

Visit Dragonbee's Instagram here


Dragonfly’s animated videos are striking, sticky and unforgettable. The animation service ranges from animated explainer video content to eye-catching character animation.

Visit Dragonfly website.


Flock are an animation and VFX company covering broadcasters and brands, from TVC, to documentary and short films.

View Flock's website here

Flying Duck Studio Lab

Experts in creativity and inspiring storytelling. Flying Duck Studio Lab is an ethical, sustainable and inclusive creative studio powered by efficient ducks. Their main aim is to inspire people working together through storytelling. Specialising in animation and design, producing the highest quality of compelling, visually stunning, and story-driven content, with the best team from all around the world. Production and postproduction services include feature films, shorts, animation, visual campaigns, explainer videos, music videos, documentaries, advertisement, infographics, rebranding/marketing, video mapping, educational content, design, sound and art installations

Visit Flying Duck Studio Lab


Framestore is an Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA-winning creative studio working across film, episodic, animation,, advertising and immersive entertainment.

Visit Framestore website.


Frantic is a 3D animation studio, creating high-end CGI animation across beauty, tech, healthcare and sports. They work with leading brands, businesses and agencies, globally.

Visit Frantic's website

GFM Animation

GFM Animation is a production, financing & distribution sales company with proven expertise in guiding entertaining, independent animated features from development to delivery.

Visit GFM Animation website.

Good Story Production

Award winning creative and commercial producer delivers story strategy, creative development, budgeting and international production management for your animated film, toy line, game, tv show...

Visit Good Story Production website.


Grizzle makes eye-popping animation and motion graphics for campaigns with big personality. Agencies and brands from Red Bull to Adidas come to us for end-to-end delivery of standout motion content.

Visit the Grizzle website.

Hocus Pocus Studios LTD

2d and 3d animation for gaming, social, broadcast and film. A paricularl emphasis on creating distinctive, colourful work.

Visit Hocus Pocus Studios website.

Hoho Entertainment LTD

Hoho Entertainment is a children's production and distribution company with a mission to make kids' content to entertain and delight children worldwide.

Visit Hoho Entertainment LTD website.

Illuminated Films

Illuminated Films is a multi-BAFTA nominated animation studio with several successful 2D series under its belt plus producers of television specials and film adaptations.

Visit Illuminated Films website.

Jellyfish Pictures

Jellyfish Pictures is an award winning Animation and VFS Studio known for its strong art direction, world-class animation, beautifully rendered imagery and multi-platform content.

Visit Jellyfish Pictures website.

Kartoffel Films

An animation studio based in London that offers 2D, 3D, character design, scripting and creative direction for online animation of all shapes and sizes.

Visit Kartoffel Films website.

King Bee

King Bee is an award-winning animation production studio, based in the Elstree Studios. King Bee produces TV series, Educational content, Music Videos & Brand animation.

Visit King Bee website.

Kong Studio LTD

Kong Studio work in a variety of styles and techniques to produce beautifully crafted animation for film and factual entertainment, kids TV and advertising.

Lambda Films

An animation agency specialising in 2D and 3D animation for commercials, corporate and brands

Visit Lambda Films website.

The Line Animation

An animation studio founded by artists and filmmakers, with projects from advertising and interactive to music videos and original content.

Visit The Line Animation website.


We’re a full service video production company providing 2D and 3D animated films, explainer videos, virtual reality and live action video.

Visit the Liquona website here

Locksmith Animation

Established in 2014 and based in London, Locksmith Animation (LSA) is the UK’s first dedicated CG feature animation studio producing high-end CG animated films for global distribution.

Visit Locksmith Animation website.

Loose Moose Productions

BAFTA nominated producer, Glenn Holberton's puppet and stop-motion animation production company.

Visit Loose Moose Productions website.

Lupus Films

Lupus Films is an International EMMY award-winning production company known for high-quality family entertainment and in particular hand-drawn animated adaptations of classic works of literature.

Visit Lupus Films website.

Meat and Electricity LTD

Director and artist Martyn Pick’s company. Direction on longform.

Visit Meat and Electricity LTD website.

Moth Studio

Working in 2D and 3D we create animation that has a vivid and distinct voice whether it’s for commercials, shorts, music videos or branded content.

Visit Moth Studio website.

Move Animation Studio

Move is an award-winning 2D/3D animation and motion graphics studio, turning ideas into animated stories full of character, magic, and joy.

Visit Move Animation Studio website.

Myth Studio

London & Bristol based animation studio specialising in high quality animated storytelling. Our creative approach to motion design and animation focusses on crafting beautiful, distinctive content

View Myth Studio's website

Nexus Studios

Home to world-leading voices in animation, Nexus Studios is an Oscar and Emmy-nominated, BAFTA-winning studio collaborating on features, TV series, branded content and interactive projects.

Visit Nexus Studios website.

OK Social

We help health and medical brands create animations that educate and inform.

Visit OK Social website.

Passion Pictures Animation

Passion is an Academy Award-winning independent production studio that creates and tells incredible stories.

Visit Passion Pictures Animation website.

Pearly Oyster Productions

Emma Calder runs Pearly Oyster Productions, a versatile independent animation production company and design studio in Brixton, London, England.

View Pearly Oyster Productions website here

Plastic Milk Animation

Animation has the power to create meaningful change. We believe in using that power for good. We create compelling visual stories that help people understand the world better. Stories that inform, inspire and entertain. We produce tangible results for our clients whether they are looking to educate the next generation, raise brand awareness or communicate complex ideas. We are an award winning animation studio developing original IP and providing production servic

Red Knuckles

An award-winning animation studio, deeply passionate about storytelling and filmmaking, crafting stunning visuals for IP creators, excelling in original content, advertising, music videos, and films.

View Red Knuckles website here

ReDefine Animation

ReDefine is a global animation and visual effects company that provides creative animation services to expanding international markets and to independent filmmakers everywhere.

Visit ReDefine Animation website.

Seed Animation Studio

Animated stories crafted with personality, warmth and wit. Short form commercial animation for agencies and brands.

Visit Seed Animation Studio website.

Sentio Space

Sentio Space is one of London's leading animation studios, producing high quality 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animations.

Visit Sentio Space Website

Skeleton Productions

Skeleton is a full-service video production agency that helps companies to win new customers with remarkable content and campaigns.

Visit Skeleton Productions Website

Slurpy Studios

Slurpy Studios have over fifteen years' experience creating animated content for a range of commercial, entertainment and educational projects; from concept to delivery.

Visit Slurpy Studios Website

Snafu Pictures

Snafu Pictures is an animation production company developing character-driven projects where craft, both in visual execution and narrative storytelling, is at a project’s core.

Visit Snafu Pictures website.

Snipple Originals

Snipple Originals creates and develops it’s own IP. We also provide a full pre production pipeline for animation across all genres.

Visit Snipple Originals website.

Space Age Films

Animation and Live Action, home of producer/director/writer, Robert Chandler. Projects range from The Deep to The Canterville Ghost to A Christmas Number One.

Visit Space Age Films website.

Studio AKA

A multi-BAFTA and Emmy winning & Oscar-nominated animation studio, known for our idiosyncratic work, expressed across an eclectic range of projects for film and TV.

Visit Studio AKA website.

Tiger Aspect Kids and Family

Tiger Aspect Kids and Family are multi-BAFTA award-winning producers who have created iconic series including Charlie and Lola and Mr Bean.

Visit Tiger Aspect Kids and Family website.

Woolly Vision

Woolly Vision makes stop-motion animation and specialises in animated wool, fabric and felt. Makers of popular comedy “nudinits” and children’s entertainment brand “Little Woolly Vision”

Visit Woolly Vision website.

If you have any questions regarding animation companies or would like to be added to these listings, please contact Julian Scott.