Working for a TV Production Company – EAN x Two Brothers Pictures Work Taster Programme

Latest 22 Jun 2023

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Film London’s Equal Access Network (EAN) is delighted to be renewing its partnership with TV Production Company Two Brothers Pictures, with a new round of recruitment having just closed!

After launching the scheme in 2018, Film London and Two Brothers Pictures have provided work placements to new entrants keen to experience the ins and outs of working in an established production company.

To give you a flavour of the programme, we’ve collated some insights and testimonies from previous interns to tell you all about their experience. Read on to find out how Film London’s EAN helps diverse talent find new pathways into and through the industry…

L-R: Charlie Tidmas, Rich Dampare, Sungleen Moon (Former interns of EAN x Two Brothers Work Taster Programme)

L-R: Charlie Tidmas, Rich Dampare, Sungleen Moon (Former interns of EAN x Two Brothers Work Taster Programme)

Demystifying TV development

In previous years, the EAN x Two Brothers Pictures Taster Programme took place over two days, with interns gaining work experience in either TV development or production. We spoke to screenwriter and director Charlie Tidmas to get the lowdown on his time working in TV development during the programme:

‘’My time at Two Brothers was incredibly useful; the insight into how such a great company engages with writers and develops its projects through to production helped me to form a clearer understanding of the industry at large. The team are friendly and welcoming. Everyone was generous with their time and experience and no question was too stupid or too small. The opportunity to muck in and read scripts, as well as joining in with team meetings, really helped to demystify the process.’’

Charlie has recently been awarded Early Development Funding for a feature project by BFI NETWORK South East!

Rich Dampare, writer-producer and co-founder of the book-ends, also took part in the TV development strand of the Work Taster Programme. We asked Rich why he decided to apply to the programme and whether any prior interest in TV development informed his decision:

‘’I came to the placement with a broad interest in story spanning literature, stage and film. For me it was about having more first-hand experience of the TV industry - and it was a useful snapshot. Having more experience as a writer, it was interesting to be on the other side of the table, and seeing how material goes from slate to shoot-ready.’’

Working for Two Brothers Pictures has helped Rich gain a broader outlook within the creative industries. Through the Programme, he started to see through a broader lens of story, literary fiction and page-to-screen adaptations, helping him take the next step in his career within the creative sector.

‘’Sam and the team were very supportive. It was really instructive to see how they approached material. Similar to my work as a bookseller, it helped me think about what to look for when acquiring properties - both in terms of what has stood the test of time, and what remains unexplored on the fringes of society and the industry.’’

To hear from the industry-side of the Programme, we also spoke to Sam Stockbridge and Indiana Sky at Two Brothers Pictures who oversee the partnership with Film London’s EAN, working with our very own Azariah Jade and Aline Rajan-Harjani. Sam Stockbridge, Development Co-ordinator at Two Brothers Pictures told us about the importance of helping diverse and underrepresented talent find pathways into and through the industry:

‘’Historically, this industry has been tricky to break into if you don’t already have a connection to utilise which has been a barrier for many people to start their career in Film and TV. This effect has been disproportionately felt, meaning there is a distinct gap between representation in the industry work force compared to the diverse range of people who live and work in the UK.

''It’s so important to break down this barrier, not only to allow people to follow jobs that they are passionate about, but also to be able to tap into that wealth of unused talent. These pathways into the industry are invaluable to address this imbalance and show everyone that this industry is a viable route whatever your background and circumstance.''

Indiana Sky, In House Production Coordinator / Script Editor at Two Brothers Pictures who also facilitates the Programme alongside Sam,emphasised their support for those interested in gaining an insight into the industry and the roles within it. Indiana acknowledged how inaccessible it can all feel, but has been encouraged by the growth of free training, workshops and paid work placements in recent years:

''Collaboration, diverse talent and great storytelling are at the core of all ground-breaking content and if the industry doesn’t encourage newcomers, it’s limiting itself in all these areas.''

Courtesy of Amazon Studios, Fleabag, season 2 - A Two Brothers production

Courtesy of Amazon Studios, Fleabag, season 2 - A Two Brothers production

Getting hands on experience in TV production

Sungleen Moon and Faraz Rezai also undertook a two-day taster experience, but this time in TV production. They took part in hands-on work with unit lists, call sheets and more, preparing them to take the next step in their careers. Here’s what Sungleen and Faraz had to say about their experience on the Programme:

I completed it last Thursday and it was really amazing! I learned a lot more about the scripted TV industry coming out of the placement than I did going in, and it was really rewarding as I gained new skills (such as writing a script report) which were new and exciting for me as someone who is entry-level to the industry. I think overall this opportunity really helped me to gain a better grasp of what steps I should be taking to progress my career and bulk my CV up. So, thank you so much!

Sungleen Moon, former intern on Work Taster Programme

It was really great. I was lucky enough to go in at a time where they were very busy with multiple productions, so I was able to get a very nice and well-rounded experience of the entire production process. I was also given a number of helpful resources for job hunting which was amazing.

Faraz Rezai, former intern on Work Taster Programme

Renewing our partnership with Two Brothers Pictures

Looking forward, there’s a lot more to be excited about; as an all-new format of the Programme will give interns the opportunity to gain even more hand-on experience in the industry by extending the placement to five days!

Sam Stockbridge had this to say about the extended programme with Film London's EAN, and its potential to create pathways into the industry for diverse talent:

‘’We are so excited to build upon the established and successful work placement scheme now upping the length from two days to a whole week of paid work. This allows more time for learning about the industry, taking part in internal meetings and gaining experience ready to start working. We’ve already had our interns go on to some great roles so are looking forward to helping the next cohort do the same.''

So what happens during the new 5-day Work Taster Programme?

Split over five days, interns will gain first-hand experience in TV production AND development. The Programme will guide interns through work on production tasks, as well as engage them in the development process from submissions, generals, agent meetings and finalising slates.

Prior to the placement, interns will also take part in a week-long training course ran by the EAN focusing on; an introduction to the industry, freelancer finances, set etiquette and employability within the film/tv industry.

Elli Siora recently took part in the new week-long format, and told us that she had a ''brilliant experience taking part in a wide-range of moving parts'' within Two Brothers. ''From understanding what a slate looks like, to creating a TMO and seeing cuts during post-production, I enjoyed engaging in the process of transforming scripts from page to screen'' - she added.

If you or someone you know are from a diverse background and would like to become a part of the Equal Access Network, find out more and join here.

If you are a production company that would like to find out more about working with the EAN to create a bespoke diversity initiative, please email