Production Finance Market’s New Talent strand 2022

Latest 12 Oct 2022

News Story

We’re very proud to reveal the 20 teams selected for the Production Finance Market (PFM)’s New Talent strand 2022.

Established in 2013 as a spin off from the PFM, PFM New Talent was initially labelled MicroMarket, but was renamed in 2018 to reflect its reputation as a showcase of emerging teams. Past alumni have included Helen Jones (Censor), Hester Ruoff (Boiling Point), Ed Gibbs (White Riot), and Rajita Shah (Love, Sarah).

Our selection for this year’s market (which is taking place today, Weds 12th October, as a physical market for the first time since the pandemic), spans drama, horror, comedy and documentaries, from all over the world. The teams include Film London Lodestar 2019 Nosa Eke, who is attending with producer Eleanor Whitley and their project The Young and the Dopeness; and writer/director Isher Sahota (Punishment, with producer Jon Tarcy), whose recent BFI NETWORK short Goodnight Henry was supported and commissioned through Film London’s BFI NETWORK team and is screening at LFF For Free.

Here’s the full list:

A Safe Distance (Canada)

  • Drama/Thriller
  • Producer: Aidan West
  • Director: Gloria Mercer

Braids (UK)

  • Comedy/Drama
  • Producer: Fozia Khaliq
  • Director: Olivia Hannah

Dog people: A Four-Legged Civil Rights Movement(UK)

  • Documentary
  • Producer: Tom Miller
  • Director: Hendrik Faller

Fedora (France)

  • Documentary
  • Producer: Alejandra Lopez
  • Director: Leland Palmer

Fire Room(Hong Kong)

  • Drama/Experimental
  • Producer: Ka-leung Ng
  • Director: Ka Ki Wong

Forever For An Hour (UK)

  • Christmas/Romantic Comedy
  • Producer:Suzanne Reid
  • Director: Keith Boak

Go Away! (UK)

  • Comedy/Crime/Thriller
  • Producer: Gina Lyons
  • Writer/Directors: Ed Kear, Cringo Williamson

Hungry Joe(UK)

  • Horror
  • Producer: Terri Dwyer
  • Writer/Directors: Paul Holbrook, Sam Dawe

In the Land of Brothers (France)

  • Drama
  • Producer: Adrien Barrouillet
  • Directors: Raha Amirfazli, Alireza Ghasemi

Kiliwomanjaro (UK)

  • Documentary
  • Producer: Rehmat Rayatt
  • Director: Daisy Gaston

Llywelyn Bundy (UK)

  • Comedy/Horror
  • Producer: Adam Gregory Smith
  • Director: Ben S Hyland

Lucky Jim: The James Barnor Story (UK)

  • Documentary
  • Producer: Koblah Charles Thompson MBE
  • Director: Baff Akoto


  • Horror
  • Producer: Jon Tarcy
  • Director: Isher Sahota

Recipes for Mica Halliday (UK)

  • Romantic drama
  • Producer: Sarudzayi Marufu
  • Director: Levi Eddie Aluede

Red Velvet (Egypt)

  • Drama
  • Producer: Virginie Khalil
  • Writer/Director: Taghrid Abouelhassan

Saint George (UK)

  • Dark Comedy
  • Producer: Jessi Gutch
  • Writer/Director: Luke Ibbetson

Still Here (USA)

  • Drama
  • Producer: Aishwarya Sonar
  • Writer/Director: Mragendra Singh

They (UK)

  • Documentary
  • Producer: Tracey Gardiner
  • Director: Louisa Reichenbach

The Young and the Dopeness (UK)

  • Drama
  • Producer: Eleanor Whitley
  • Writer/Director: Nosa Eke

We Await the Roar (UK)

  • Wartime/Thriller
  • Producer: Paul Harry Thomas
  • Directors: The Lynch Brothers