Lucky Jim: The James Barnor Story. Before | Now | Beyond

Talent Showcase
  • Scheme: Production Finance Market - New Talent strand
  • tags: Documentary

Lucky Jim: The James Barnor Story is a unique one of a kind documentary biopic that tells the remarkable life story of a pioneering nonagenarian African photographer who only gained recognition since 2010 through discovery of his richly layered images that powerfully articulated the struggles, resilience, and joy experienced by pre-colonial Ghanaian society and African-Caribbean communities in '60s Britain, which are now considered among the most important records of societies in transition during the post-war period.

James Barnor’s portraiture, photojournalism and lifestyle photography spans six decades and has gained him recognition as an inimitable artist and one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. Barnor’s images are a testament to a lifetime of encounters that speak to the lived realities and significance of representation in the arts.

Selected for the 2022 Production Finance Market - New Talent Strand.

Production companies:

Screen Nation Pictures

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