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Latest 6 Sept 2021

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Stills from work by Jarman Award 2021 shortlisted artists: (top left to bottom right) Larry Achiampong, Guy Oliver, Sophia Al-Maria, Jasmina Cibic, Georgina Starr, Adham Faramawy

This year’s Film London Jarman Award tour will see the best in contemporary artists’ filmmaking taken on a tour to venues across the UK from 1 October – 26 November 2021.

In 2021 the Jarman Award will tour across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with screenings of works by all the shortlisted artists followed by a series of live and online artists’ Q&As. The work will be available to see through seven major arts venues in Belfast, Nottingham, Bristol, Eastbourne, London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

The tour will culminate in a special weekend of online events on 13 and 14 November in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery, London. The Film London Jarman Award Whitechapel Weekend will feature presentations from all the artists about their practice and what inspires them.

The winner of the Award will be announced on 23 November 2021.

Jarman Award 2021 tour events

Films in the Jarman Award 2021 touring programme

Larry Achiampong, Beyond the Substrata (2020), 19’

Sophia Al-Maria and Sin Wai Kin, Astral Bodies Electric, Make Up! (2019), 16’

Jasmina Cibic, The Gift (2021), 25’

Adham Faramawy, the air is subtle, various and sweet (2021), 35’

Guy Oliver, You know Nothing of myWork (2020), 33’

Georgina Starr, Quarantaine (2020), 43’

Featuring work from the artists shortlisted for the 2021 Film London Jarman Award, the tour will offer art and film lovers the chance to explore an incredible diversity of work from Sophia Al Maria’s two-channel video featuring drag artist Sin Wai Kin to Jasmina Cibic’sexploration of soft power and the role of culture as a political gift.

Hooded figures dance in an abandoned supermarket in Larry Achiampong’s Beyond the Substrata whilst Georgina Starr transports us to a surreal and colourful world inhabited by singing women, tarot cards and disembodied oracles. A charity shop is the setting for Guy Oliver’s humorous musical about cancel culture whilst Adham Faramawy mixes found footage with imagery of dancers on Wanstead Flats as they explore ideas of roots, naturalisation and heritage through the taxonomy of plants.

Film London Jarman Award 2021 e-booklet

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