Film London begins phase II of the Fuel Project providing net zero pathways for UK film and TV industry

Latest 23 Oct 2023

News Story

Film London today (23 October) announced that research has commenced on Phase II of The Fuel Project, with funding secured from Netflix and Sky. The new one-of-a-kind report will be co-delivered by Creative Zero and Film London, building on the success of The Fuel Project - Supplier Guidance Report released last year.

The Fuel Project provides practical information, steps and support to film and TV production suppliers as they make the move toward new, low-carbon technologies, helping drive down emissions in the industry. Phase I assessed the use of low-carbon energy alternatives, proposing practical solutions to reduce the level of carbon emissions and air pollutants emitted by vehicle transport and mobile power units (generators) in production.

On average, roughly 50% of film and TV production greenhouse gas emissions come from road vehicles and mobile power generation (source: albert). As suppliers tend to own these technologies, a collaborative approach is therefore crucial in the path toward industry-wide decarbonisation. The second phase of The Fuel Project aims to work closely with industry partners to gather essential data on total emissions created from vehicle and mobile power use. London-based production suppliers will be the base for the research, and this is the first instance of this type of industry wide data being collected in the UK film and TV industry.

After collecting an extensive amount of data and completing a detailed analysis, The Fuel Project will deliver a comprehensive report accessible to all. The report will reflect specific recommendations for the London Metropolitan area, with the hope that key findings can be shared across the country. Crucially, the report will offer industry suppliers vital next steps in a just transition to decarbonised vehicle and mobile power technologies, including suggested end dates for certain high carbon technologies.

By surveying film and TV suppliers’ transport and mobile power fleets, the Fuel Project can also better inform Net Zero pledges from broadcasters, streamers, and producers, as well as provide efficient guidance into where combined industry investment is required.

The Fuel Project Phase II Supplier Fuel Study survey can be found here:

While the main focus of the study is suppliers, we are seeking information from across the industry, including broadcasters, streamers, major studios, production companies, producers and sustainability professionals. Additional information on who can complete the survey and how to do so, can also be found at the above link. The deadline for completion is 20 November 2023, with analysis and a final report delivered in 2024.

Daniela Kirchner, Chief Operating Officer of Film London and Lead Partner of Green Screen, said:

‘’The film and TV industry must continue to work closely together to confront the challenges of climate breakdown. Industry-wide collaboration is key if we are to reduce production emissions more efficiently. We are therefore delighted that Netflix and Sky will be funding the second phase of The Fuel Project, helping film and TV industry suppliers take substantial, first steps toward decarbonisation. I would like to thank them for their support in accelerating our industry’s path toward net zero emissions.

It’s also great to be working with Creative Zero on the Fuel Project again, building on research that has already helped inform more efficient sustainable practices within our sector. I look forward to seeing Phase II come to fruition in the coming months.’’