The FLAMIN Fellowship 2022-2023

The FLAMIN Fellowship

Chris Childs, My Favourite Hill! (2020), video still

Finding the world of artist filmmaking via different routes, the six selected artists employ a wide range of innovative and creative approaches to the moving image. This includes but is not limited to hand-drawn animation, interweaving personal footage with staged scenes, layering multimedia, and combining dance and performance with poetry.

Projects supported through this round of The Fellowship explore a variety of topical themes and viewpoints, such as delving into the liberation and confinement that technologies can have on society and individuals, the notion and construct of Blackness through time and space, and investigating queer histories through the creation of game-like environments and characters. Other projects will explore how folklore traditions and ancient rituals speak to the tensions of our contemporary world such as post-industrialism and migration, and how memory loss can be presented through physical decay.

The FLAMIN Fellowship 2022-2023 artists