There are different rules surrounding shooting buildings, public places, objects, people, children and animals. But whatever or whoever you're filming, you need to make sure it is legal.

Filming People

There are several rights which apply to the use of a person’s image which filmmakers should consider, particularly when filming in the street within London or the UK. Read our guide to find out more about privacy, data protection, defamation, consent and practical tips for filmmakers.

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Filming Buildings

There are various legal issues to consider when filming buildings in London and the UK. Read our guide to find out about trademarks and logos, defamation, passing off, light displays, iconic buildings, and practical tips for filmmakers shooting buildings.

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Media Insurance

All UK productions need Public Liability Insurance in order to receive permission to film or carry out commercial photography, which should be obtained in the earliest stages of pre-production. Find out what you will need and check our list of insurance company contacts.

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Working with the Police

Under certain circumstance you will need to get in contact with the Metropolitan Police Service Film Unit (MPSFU). This is particularly important if you are filming with fake weapons, emergency vehicles or uniforms, recreating crimes or filming with vehicles. Visit our Working with the Police pages for more information

Child Performance Licences

If you are filming or working with children of compulsory school age it is important that you check whether the actor will require a Child Performance Licence.

Find out about Child Performance Licences.

Statutory Obligations

Read the Film London Code of Practice and check the relevant obligations closely to ensure that you operate within the law.

Download the Code of Practice for Location Filming

Filming Permission

Before you start filming, it is likely that you will need to get permission from the land or building owner. To find out more about permissions please visit our Get Permission pages

Minimum Wage Regulations

If you intend to employ crew, volunteers, unpaid workers or offer work experience opportunities, ensure that you are familiar with the National Minimum Wage regulations and National Living Wage rates.

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