Working With Children

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If you are filming with children of compulsory school age it is important that you check whether the actor will require a Child Performance Licence.

Child Performance Licences are issued by the Education Welfare department of the local authority or borough in which the child resides, unless the child is at boarding school (in which case the Licence should be issued by the borough in which the boarding school is).


The Children (Performance) Regulations 1968 requires a licence applicant to give notice of 21 days. Whenever possible you should apply for the licence within this time frame and Local Authorities can insist on it. However, the absolute minimum amount of notice is seven days.

In order to issue a short notice Child Performance Licence, the local authority will require all documentation to be submitted seven days before filming is due to take place.

Documentation required

There are two parts to the application

  • Part 1 needs to be completed by the production company or the producer of the production
  • Part 2 is completed by the child's parent, carer or legal guardian

Other things you may need:

  • A letter authorising absence from school. This is only required if the child will be absent from school. It needs to be obtained from the school by the child's parent, carer or legal guardian
  • A doctor's or medical certificate

It is a legal requirement that the child be supervised at all times by their parent/carer/legal guardian or a licensed chaperone.

You need to inform the Education Welfare team who will be supervising the child. Chaperones can only take responsibility for up to 12 children.

Borough contacts for Child Performance Licences.