The Needle & The Larynx

Talent Showcase 2018
  • Scheme: Random Acts
  • tags: Full Short
  • People: Marianna Simnett
  • Duration: 4'17"

The Needle & The Larynx Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2017
  • Year of release: 2018
  • Artist Schemes: Film London Jarman Award


  • Artist: Marianna Simnett

In The Needle & The Larynx, artist Marianna Simnett is in the hands of a surgeon who injects her larynx with Botox, a procedure usually undergone by young men wishing their voices to be lower. Shot in excruciating slow motion, the surgeon’s needle enters, probes, then withdraws from her throat. A hypnotic soundtrack whirls through a surgical description of the procedure, a pop song about Botox, and a confession of the artist, spoken in her newly deepened voice.

Random Acts - The Needle & The Larynx is an abridged edit of the 2016 full version (15:17).

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Jarman Award 2017 interview:

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