Talent Showcase 2005
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Rosie Pedlow and Joe King
  • Duration: 5'36"

Sea-Change Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2005
  • Shooting format: 35mm


  • Artist: Rosie Pedlow and Joe King

Filmed on a caravan park at the end of the season, Sea Change reveals a landscape dramatically transformed by light and time resonating with the transience of human presence.

Directors/Editors: Joe King & Rosie Pedlow
Producer: Liz Chan
Slinky Executive Producer: Maria Manton
Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore
Composer: Simon Allen
Focus Puller: James Lewis
Dolly Grip: Mark Morley
Assistant Grips: Tom Wilkinson, Roderick Mills, Russell Chaplin
Production Assistant: Richard Barnett
Setting-out Engineer: Dean Bailey
HD Telecine: Rushes
Online Post-Production: One Post Final
Sound Mix: Angell Sound
Originated on motion picture film from Kodak
Special thanks to: Thorney Bay Park, Norman and the residents of Field One, George Harrison, Simon Paul Laura at Panavision, Len at Soho Images, Matt and Andy at One Pos, Carl and Paul at Rushes, Nick and Patrick at Angell Sound, Craig at OneSix, Carey at South London Filters, Richard at Metrovideo, HSS Hire, Lays International, Garden World, Alfred McAlpine

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