33 x Around the Sun

Talent Showcase 2005
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: John Hardwick
  • Duration: 83'

33 x Around the Sun Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2005
  • Shooting format: Digi Beta


  • Artist: John Hardwick

33 x Around The Sun is a dreamlike journey into a world where nothing is quite what it seems. It follows the story of a man who wakes up in an apparently abandoned hospital then walks out into the night in search of answers.

As our hero wanders the mysteriously empty streets he encounters a series of characters who emerge from the shadows like the lost and the damned. These moonstruck individuals all seem to share a connection - a connection that might lead him to the truth he seeks.

Lars Rudolph Eileen Walsh

Director: John Hardwick
Producer: Derrin Schlesinger
Cinematography: Danny Cohen
Editor: Diarmid Scrimshaw
Music: Patrick Fitzgerald
Screenwriter: John Hardwick

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