Rear Projection (Molly Parker)

Talent Showcase 2006
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Mark Lewis
  • Duration: 3'58"

Rear Projection (Molly Parker) Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2005
  • Year of release: 2006
  • Shooting format: 35mm


  • Artist: Mark Lewis

Rear Projection (Molly Parker) is a film portrait of the Canadian actress Molly Parker (currently one of the leads in the American TV series Deadwood).

For this 'portrait' Parker was filmed in studio in LA. Behind her there is a 35mm rear screen projection of a desolate and abandoned gas-station in Ontario Canada. The landscape was filmed in Winter and Summer and a computer controlled camera move creates a vertiginous effect, whereby the image seems to compress and open up at the same time. The same optical technique was used in the filming in the studio.

Molly Parker

Producer: Mark Lewis / Michael White
Camera: John Lindsay and Dino Parks
Editor: Mark Lewis

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