Quasi-Monte Carlo (Brute Force)

Talent Showcase 2019
  • Scheme: Random Acts
  • tags: Animation, Full Short
  • People: Paul Simon Richards
  • Duration: 3'58"

Quasi-Monte Carlo (Brute Force) Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2018
  • Year of release: 2019
  • Artist Schemes: FLAMIN Productions


  • Artist: Paul Simon Richards

Brute Force is an episode from a larger film project Quasi-Monte Carlo. The project is premised on a computer algorithm used to simulate real outcomes based on random data. Devised in the 18th century using roulette results from the Monte Carlo Casino, today the algorithm is used in areas such as finance, insurance, artificial intelligence and CGI.

‘Moire’ (Jacky Bahbout) delivers a hypnotic monologue, implicating the viewer in an expansive narrative in which projection produces real results.

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