Previously on Amos' World

Talent Showcase 2017
  • Scheme: Random Acts
  • tags: Animation
  • People: Cécile B. Evans
  • Duration: 4'

Previously on Amos' World Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2016
  • Year of release: 2017
  • Artist Schemes: Film London Jarman Award


  • Artist: Cécile B. Evans

Previously On Amos' World takes on the format of montages that bring viewers up to speed on a previous episode. Based on a fictional tv show set in a housing estate, it builds by becoming part recap, part trailer: a collapse in tense and genre.

Production with Emanuel Layr Galerie, Vienna

Amos: David Call

The Weather: Cécile B. Evans

The Secretary: Anna Rose Hopkins

Gloria: Xiao Wei

The Time Traveller: Magaajyia Silberman

The Voice: Uni V. Sol

Music: Mati Gavriel

Sound Engineering: Kuba Dziewa

Colourist: Ludovic Roussaux at Okay Studio, London

Script Consultation: Dean Kissick

Kathy Noble

Architects: Dominik Arni

Manuel Lergier

Fabienne Sommer

Amos’ Body: Alexander Mergold/AM Creatures

Amos' Head and Hair: Daisy Beattie

Amos' Face Sculpt and Model: Hossein Diba

Amos’ Print: Digits2Widgets

Amos' Principal Mask Painter: Toria Casarro

Amos' Expression Masks Painter Jacob Rahmier

Puppeteers: Lynn Robertson Bruce and Olly Taylor

Director of Photography Amos’ apartment: Frank Madone

Director of Photography Amos: Frank Madone

Production Assistant Amos: Jammie Nicholas

Director of Photography, Additional Amos: Peter Bo Rappamund

VFX Amos: Peerless

Director VFX Amos: Drew Jones

VFX Producer Amos: Martin Lake

VFX Artists Amos: John Swinnerton

Paul Round

Marc Hutchins

Will Jones

Linda Spaggiari

Penelope Pochez

VFX Editor Amos: Simon Gretton

VFX Coordinator Amos: Melissa Carr

Colourist Amos: Andy Lee, Onsight Post Production

Colourist Post Producer Amos: Aoife Delany

Director of Photography for the Secretary: Evan Papageorgiou

Animation and VFX for the Nargis: Tom Kemp

Director of Photography and sound for Gloria: He Ping & team

Production Assistant Gloria: Hu Wei

Location Assistance Gloria: Ying Xiao

Translation: Helen Gu

Animation and VFX for the Mother: Tom Kemp

Director of Photography Time Traveller: Peter Bo Rappamund

VFX Producer Time Traveller: Otávio Lima

Animation Time Traveller: Leonardo Fleuri

Lighting, Shading & VFX Time Traveller: Victor Mendonça

Suit Model Time Traveller: Arup Sikder

Body Model Time Traveller: Hossein Diba

Additional Production Assistance: Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

With thanks to the National Trust England

With special thanks to Tony Maher, Drew Jones, and Frank Madone

Additional special thanks to Shumon Basar

Dora Budor

Attilia Fattori Franchini

Felix Gaudlitz

Amal Khalaf

Emanuel Layr

Kathy Noble

Yuri Pattison

Cheng Ran

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