Offshore (Gallivant)

Talent Showcase 2007
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Andrew Kötting
  • Duration: 19'48"

Offshore (Gallivant) Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2006
  • Year of release: 2007
  • Shooting format: Mini DV, 16mm


  • Artist: Andrew Kötting

10 years ago I made a film called 'Gallivant' that took as its inspiration the coastline of Great Britain. This September I will make a new film that takes as its inspiration a Channel light vessel called Gallivant. It will travel along side me as I attempt to swim the English Channel as part of a family relay team.

Sounds and images from the original film will invade 'Offshore' as both mnemonic and catalyst, littering it like the flotsam and jetsam that we will be swimming through to get to the other side. I will be assisted in this endeavour by the words of Iain Sinclair and the presence of my daughter Eden.

Distribution: LUX

Andrew Kotting
Mark Kotting
Joey Kotting
Sean Lock
Ian Dale
Xavier Tchili
Mistress of ceremonies: Eden Kotting
Voice: Iain Sinclair

Producer: Andrew Kötting
Camera: Ben Rivers, Gary Parker, Andrew Kötting
Editor: Andrew Kötting
Composer: Andrew Kötting
Sound Design: Andrew Kötting
Animations: Leila McMillan
Accordion: Sara Byers

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