Look What They've Done to My Song

Talent Showcase 2007
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Michael Curren
  • Duration: 1 x 41' film, 1 x 27' film, 1 x 12' soundscape

Look What They've Done to My Song Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2007


  • Artist: Michael Curren

Three songs 'The Devil is Afraid of Music', 'Look What They Done to My Song' and 'How Does it Feel?' were performed and filmed in the exhibition space of Matt's Gallery making it into an open recording session and film set for a three day period.

Through the subsequent editing process the material was subjected to radical temporal shifts in the form of loops, overlays, speeding up, slowing down and repetition, creating rhythms, counterpoints and silences, all exploring the construction of song and narrative expectation forming a drama (or crisis) of performance.

The songs themselves are literally at stake, their survival questioned through these processes of translation.

What Have They Done to My Song, Ma: Sarah Redmond (vocals)
The Devil is Afraid of Music: Nicholas Bloomfield (piano & vocals)
How Does it Feel to Feel?: Trish Lyons (vocals), Pascal Maria Gamboni (guitar & backing vocals), Ben Tarrant Brown (guitar), Joas Pires (drums), Matt Halliday (bass) Shoot Assistants: Hannah Bennett, Aislings Bolger, Larissa Hadjio

Director of Photography: Noski Deville
1st Assistant Camera: Emma Dalesman
2nd Assistant Camera: Matt King
3rd Assistant Camera: Maggie Warwick
Gaffer: Bernie Rostoski
Grip: Dave Armstrong
Best Boy: John Harris
Trainee Lighting: Job Reineke
Make-up: Lou Read
Wall drawings: Louisa Minkin
Set Consultation: Jay Webdale
Production Manager: Christopher Joseph
Editor/Sound Engineer: Gordon Dawson
Sound Recordist/ Soundscape: Derek O Sullivan
Violin: Tansy Spinks

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