Leisure Centre

Talent Showcase 2006
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy
  • Duration: 17'42"

Leisure Centre Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2005
  • Year of release: 2006
  • Shooting format: Digi Beta, Single channel


  • Artist: Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy

Leisure Centre is an 18 minute film shot in Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland - the site of a massive regeneration programme. Featuring a cast of local residents, Leisure Centre follows a young man through the rooms and corridors of the building where he works as he struggles to come to terms with his new role as a father.

Leisure Centre is a gentle and thoughtful allegory of hope and optimism in the face of major personal challenges and can be seen as a metaphor for the regeneration of Ballymun and of other places undergoing such enormous change.

Producer: Joe Lawlor
Steadicam: Stephen Murphy
Editors: Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy
Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland
Sound Design: Joe Lawlor
Production Manager: Kevin Downey
Focus Puller: Alan Butler
Costume: Mia Van Evelingen
Sound Recordist: Michael Lemass
Boom Operator: Steven Farrell
Grip: Paul Ztan
Gaffer: Garett Baldwin
LX1: Addo Gallagher
Clapper Loader: Conor Crowley
Rigger: Noel McKenna
1st AD: Sinead Murphy
2nd AD: Johnny Shaw
3rd AD: Daisy Fortune

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