L'Education Sentimentale

Talent Showcase 2006
  • Scheme: A Movie
  • People: Jimmy Robert
  • Duration: 5'

L'Education Sentimentale Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2006
  • Year of release: 2006
  • Shooting format: 35 mm


  • Artist: Jimmy Robert

Very much in line with his previous work, Robert's new film is a series of collages inspired by 1970s conceptual Dutch artist, Bas Jan Ader.

He explains: "Bas Jan Ader disappeared at sea over 30 years ago. My new film acts as an intervention on his filmed performances. In five minutes I attempt to locate myself within his vocabulary, re-enacting gestures that I identify with, whether these gestures come from record covers, such as David Bowie's 'Heroes' or 'The Idiot' by Iggy Pop or appropriations and transformations of B J Ader's own work. My intention is to underline his importance as an influential figure in my work."

Commissioned by South West Screen and Film London, the A Movie participating artists were: Daria Martin (USA), Jimmy Robert (France/Holland), Mark Leckey (UK), Mika Taanila (Finland), Imogen Stidworthy (UK) and Yang Fudong (China).

The films were produced by LUX and Spacex.

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