7:00 AM

Talent Showcase 2005
  • Scheme: A Movie
  • People: Imogen Stidworthy
  • Duration: 5'

7:00 AM Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2005


  • Artist: Imogen Stidworthy
Every morning a flood of people passes through the gates of Tian Tan Park, Beijing.

7AM focuses on their morning exercises and the social and acoustic space they generate. Figures and small groups scattered amongst the trees fill the park with the percussive sounds of slapping, sweeping limbs, feet brushing grass into geometric figures, the smack of a sand-filled bag against a back or a back against a tree trunk. Each exercise is sustained for at least five minutes and up to two hours.

Time and distance are measured out and described by hundreds of simultaneous rhythms, which create a spatial, sonic and bodily language. 7AM approaches this social landscape as a language between sight and sound.

Commissioned by South West Screen and Film London, the A Movie participating artists were: Daria Martin (USA), Jimmy Robert (France/Holland), Mark Leckey (UK), Mika Taanila (Finland), Imogen Stidworthy (UK) and Yang Fudong (China).

The films were produced by LUX and Spacex.

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