Talent Showcase 2008
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Shezad Dawood
  • Duration: 51'

Feature Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2008
  • Shooting format: HD Video and 16mm
  • Artist Schemes: Film London Jarman Award, Random Acts


  • Artist: Shezad Dawood

What do Chief Crazy Horse, Krishna, a Valkerie, a bunch of Zombies and some fetish cowboys have in common with a donkey and albino snake? The director’s debut by artist Shezad Dawood plays havoc with the unwritten rules that determine the boundaries between cultures and people, and distinction between fact and fiction.

Feature clearly isn't controversial film based on the format of the traditional western - David Medalla labels it a 'zombie western' and credits artist, director and actor Shezad Dawood with creating an entirely new genre. What distinguishes Feature is precisely this quality; mixing and mingling, linking an entirely different historical monument with mythology and intertwining generally shared with intimately personal histories.

Sitting Bull: Jimmie Durham
Crazy Horse: David Medalla
Sherriff: Doug Fishbone
Valkyrie: Hetna Regitzebruun
Billy the Krishna: Shezad Dawood

Producer: Verity P. Yeates
Camera: Tim Sidell
Editor: Brian Welsh
Composer: Duke Garwood
Sound Design: Emanuele Costantini

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