Talent Showcase 2003
  • Scheme: LAFVA
  • People: Emily Richardson
  • Duration: 8'34"

Aspect Video

Film Information

  • Year of release: 2003


  • Artist: Emily Richardson
Aspect is filmed in a forest over the period of a year. Using photographic techniques, such as time-lapse and long exposures on single film frames the forest year is condensed into a few minutes.

Light, colour and shadow travel across its surface and the film shifts between seeing the trees as trees and seeing the movement of light and shadow abstracting the real environment. Your eye is taken all over the screen with this perpetual movement and change of light and colour. There is no one focal point, - it is continuously changing. Light becomes the main protagonist.

In Aspect fragments of unconscious forest sounds, ants in their anthill, the wind across the forest floor, the crack of a twig are reconfigured into an audio piece which articulates the film (and the forest) in an illusive and ambiguous way.


Producer/ Director: Emily Richardson
Camera: Emily Richardson
Sound: Benedict Drew

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