Equal Access Network at the Oscars

We are incredibly proud that six members of our Equal Access Network worked on the 93rd Academy Awards. They want to share with us their incredible awards weekend and demonstrate that through the EAN, exciting industry opportunities await!

"I have to say how grateful I am for this opportunity through the EAN! The Academy Awards was a great experience and as a person who is usually part of the more technical staff, I loved the lighting and the set design! But I don't want to bore with names, angles and techniques. Also, being there and seeing how the crew worked, how the director communicated with the crew and us, and how the producer handled the production and supported everyone on it, was amazing! Everybody that I met on this job was really helpful and polite. It's really hard to pick up favourite moment in this whole experience! I felt the best thing started from the moment I entered the studio until the moment I left! It's been pleasure to be part of this process!" - Oscars Nominations Production Assistant Petar Petrov

"Thank you EAN. My favourite thing about working on the Academy Awards was the opportunity to learn about the various roles involved in live tv production. I was able to see the similarities and differences between a live broadcast and a recorded studio show. I really enjoyed working with the production team as everyone was supportive and welcoming of all my questions. I also enjoyed seeing all the celebrities on the night!" - Oscars Production Assistant Kelly Emelle

"The AA production team were lovely, including all the extended crew members I met. It was nice to observe and soak up visual knowledge of how a production runs from rehearsals through to the show day! Grateful for the opportunity." - Oscars Production Assistant, Melissa Mensah

"My favourite thing about working on the Academy Awards was the people. Literally everyone I met was kind, pleasant, and friendly, which means the world to me. I truly believe that it is the people who made this such a great experience from beginning to end, and I would love to work on other projects with such a team. Some of the Award speeches were funny, moving, and inspirational, and it was great to feel connected with all the other locations around the world. The technical aspect was familiar and impressive, and delivered by a great team. The efficiency of the whole operation was admirable. Getting to 'accept a few Oscars' myself and delivering a few acceptance speeches was also great fun." - Oscars Production Team/ Talent Stand-in Douglas Duncan

"I love that as a Stand-in, we were encouraged by the Production team to be as creative as we wanted. Being a Stand-in for both the nominations and the Awards was great experience for me personally as I got to practice being in front of the camera as a Presenter and also as an Oscar winner, what more could one ask for!"- Oscars Production Team/ Talent Stand-in Nikita Dosanjh

"I had a wonderful Academy Awards weekend, thank you. The whole team on the Academy Awards were an absolute dream to work with. Everyone on the team were really respectful of everyone’s jobs and respectful of the Covid rules. I would absolutely jump at the chance to work with anyone from the team again." - Oscars Production Team/ Talent Stand-in Dominic Ryan

Our Equal Access Network – the EAN - is supported by the Mayor of London. Through it, we work to ensure the capital’s screen industries represent the diversity of the city itself. Our core aim is to promote equality, inclusion and diversity: We want the EAN to be the link in an industry network for those that don’t have it.

The EAN aims to remove all barriers to entry and is free to join and open to all. If you are a new entrant, returner, mid-level professional in the film and TV industry or looking to make a career change then join the EAN today.

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EAN members have worked on shows including HBO's Avenue 5, Sister Pictures' Chernobyl, Plan B's The Third Day and more. You can read more Equal Access Network case studies now to learn more about the benefits of joining the EAN.