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Let Creators Create

As a film or TV maker there’s no better feeling than seeing your project on the big screen. You’ve done the hard work – now it’s time to sit back and enjoy what you and your team created.

But sometimes, the graft behind a film can get on top of you. Slow you down, get in the way of creativity. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone out there to take at least some of the load?

Well, now there is. Triple Exposure is a one-stop shop to make your life, as a creator, easier. We’re here to take the strain. We’re here to do the fiddly stuff behind the scenes. To look after the financials, the insurance, the legals. And, through our extensive network, other things besides.

We’re here to free you up to do what you do best.


Triple Exposure is a collaboration of three film industry experts – accountancy practice Alliotts, Performance Film & Media Insurance, and specialist law firm Reviewed and Cleared.

Over the past few years Alliotts, Performance Film & Media Insurance and Reviewed and Cleared would run into each other at film festivals and industry events. Each had in common not just a client base, but an approach. As Alex Wade, CEO of Reviewed and Cleared, says: "We realised we all shared the same can-do attitude to filmmaking. We never wanted to say 'no'. Instead, we’d always try and find a solution."

At the Cannes Film Festival 2022, Sam Ampah of Alliotts suggested the trio join forces. "There at Cannes, in the midst of so much energy and creativity, it struck me as something we just had to put together."

Gareth Graham at Performance sums up what happened next. "We didn’t hang about. Triple Exposure was up and running within weeks. Filmmakers now have access to three businesses which are film industry leaders, in one hit."

Triple Exposure merges accountancy, insurance and legal support in an easy-to-use, friendly one-stop shop.

Your idea can now go from storyboard to greenlight, free of financial, insurance and legal worries.

You can get out there and create.

Sam Ampah, Alliotts

Alliotts LLP is an independent Accountancy firm of professional advisors with offices in Covent Garden and Guildford. Their media team is made up of experienced sector specialists who have a combination of tax, accounting, auditing, and corporate finance skills. They have been advising the media sector for over 40 years.

Performance are the faithful sidekick to the film and media industry – supporting creative productions large and small with insurance since the 90s. They pride themselves on first-class service and specialist advice, and insure thousands of productions every year – from micro-budget shorts to high-end TV and feature films.

Gareth Graham, Performance Film & Media Insurance

Alex Wade, Reviewed and Cleared

Reviewed & Cleared is a collective of media lawyers who help content creators tell their stories – free of legal worries. They provide legal clearance and compliance advice on all types of audio and audio-visual content, as well as print and digital media, advertising and commercial tie-ups. They provide errors and omissions insurance opinions and assistance, pre-publication and pre-broadcast legal clearance advice, and production clearances (including neg checks and title searches).


When you use Triple Exposure for the first time you will receive a 10% discount on the services provided by the package.

Contact Triple Exposure via and Sam, Gareth and Alex will be happy to tell you more.