Tax Relief For Film

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London is an attractive destination for all content production. The wealth of world-class talent and resources are underpinned by generous and user-friendly tax reliefs that can help you bring your project to the capital. Best of all:

  • There is no cap on the amount of tax relief which can be claimed.
  • All reliefs are capped at 80% of total production budget.

The benefits

As of April 2015, a Film Production Company (FPC) can claim tax relief of up to 25% of qualifying expenditure for film projects that qualify as British. There is no cap over/under £20 million, as was the case before April 2015.

To qualify for film tax relief, projects must:

  • Have a minimum 10% of core expenditure spent in the UK
  • Be intended for theatrical release
  • Have one FPC registered with Companies House and set up before principal photography begins
  • The FPC must be responsible for all the filmmaking activity from pre-production through to completion

How your project can qualify as British

Your film can qualify as British by passing the cultural test, or as an official co-production.

The UK has 10 bi-lateral co-production treaties and is also a signatory to the European Convention.

Find out about the cultural test for film

Contact the Certification Unit at the BFI for more information