Natural History Museum

News Story

The Museum has served as a location in classic children's adventures such as One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, Loch Ness and Paddington. Climatic scenes in Poirot and Spooks have also been set and shot here. The building's sweeping grandeur has also led to it doubling for some more unusual locations such as an Intergalactic Space Palace in Jupiter Ascending and Angelina Jolie's base in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. It has been most recently seen in The Mummy remake.

Behind the scenes, the Museum offers a plethora of exciting filming opportunities, including attractive old libraries, the eerie Tank Room with glass specimen jars and rows of mahogany cabinets and boxes in the Old General Herbarium. The bright, clean lines and high glass walls of the Darwin Centre make it a versatile space and contemporary blank canvas for filming.

A rear and front car park provide excellent, easy-access loading bay facilities for production teams and vehicles.

For more information on filming, visit the National History Museum website.