Lincoln's Inn

News Story

Dating back to 1422, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn is the largest and oldest of the four Inns of Court, and owing to its varied architecture, beautiful gardens, spacious squares, historic halls and panelled rooms, it has become a popular filming location.

The 11-acre Estate has been used in a wide variety of productions and the diversity of the exterior and interior spaces has enabled blockbuster films including Wonder Woman, Sherlock Holmes, The Theory of Everything and Dracula, and popular Television productions, to transform the natural spaces available.

Period dramas such as Grantchester, Downton Abbey and Sense and Sensibility have benefited from the contrasting style of the buildings to create Victorian themed sets, while Limehouse Golem featured the Old Court Room, home to the Inn’s antiquarian books and mirroring a Library style environment. This space has alternatively offered a tranquil setting for intimate interviews by the fireplace.

Furthermore, the architecture of the Great Hall, Bench and Council rooms, Old Hall, Chapel and Undercroft dating back to the 15th century provide a vast range of historical designs for sets.

The Inn has hosted productions of many other notable films and TV series including Who Do You Think You Are?, Suffragette, Poirot and Shakespeare’s London Theatres and continues to draw widespread interest due to the opportunities for settings that the grounds have to offer.

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