Film London Labs x Electric Noir Studios 2023

News Story

We’re pleased to announce that Electric Noir is looking for Staff Writers to join their team of innovative storytellers, writing for their BAFTA-nominated series Dead Man’s Phone and developing brand new interactive shows on their Scriptic platform - now available on Netflix.

Electric Noir’s flagship show Dead Man’s Phone is a long-form narrative that intersects gaming, TV and film. Through Electric Noir’s bespoke mobile platform Scriptic, the player becomes the lead character in a crime drama and solves a murder using clues found on the smartphone of a victim.

The Creative Team comes from a range of backgrounds including Film, TV and Games - fostering a collaborative environment with a diversity of perspectives, and they’re excited to expand their team with writers that can bring fresh ideas and strong narrative storytelling skills.

To apply for this unique opportunity, applicants need to submit a writing sample from a creative brief. The deadline to submit is Monday 17th April, midnight, click here to find out how to apply.

As an introduction to this opportunity we were joined by Adam Butcher (Creative Lead) and Anna Costello (Senior Creative), speaking on the work of Electric Noir Studios and information about the role. To watch the recording of the Zoom Q&A session, click here.