The Jules Wright Prize 2017

Latest 10 Jun 2017

News Story

The third Jules Wright Prize focused on sound designers. The three female Creative Technicians selected for the shortlist were:

  • Beatrice Dillon
  • Chu-Li Shewring
  • Zhe Wu

The Jury in 2017

  • Sara Putt, Director of Sara Putt Associates – a leading agency for behind the camera talent
  • Lucy Harris, Editor and Recipient of 2016 Jules Wright Prize
  • Errollyn Wallen MBE, Composer and Performer, Collaborator of Jules Wright

Chu-Li Shewring was awarded the 2017 Jules Wright Prize.

Chu-Li Shewring

Chu-Li Shewring is a filmmaker and sound designer whoe collaborates with artists and independent filmmakers. She is also a visiting sound tutor at UCL and the National Film and Television School. Shewring is a graduate of MA in Sound Design at the National Film and Television School. Hunger (2008), by Steve McQueen, was one of her first experiences working with an artist. Her most recent collaborations are with the artist Frances Scott on her film installation CANWEYE{} (2016), and her archival film Diviner. Shewring has also worked with the artists Ben Rivers, Phil Coy and Esther Johnson.

The Jules Wright Prize was funded by the Women's Playhouse Trust