The Jules Wright Prize 2016

Latest 10 Jun 2016

News Story

The second Jules Wright Prize focused on cinematographers. The four female Creative Technicians selected for the shortlist were:

  • Nse Asuqo
  • Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas
  • Sue Giovanni
  • Lucy Harris

The Jury in 2016

  • Kate Kinninmont MBE, CEO, Women in Film and TV (UK)
  • Noski Deville, Cinematographer and Senior Lecturer at Farnham Film School
  • Joan Leese, Director, VET Production and Training

Lucy Harris received the Prize in recognition of the tremendous impact she has made on the field, the breadth of her work and the range of artist filmmakers she has worked alongside.

Lucy Harris

Lucy Harris is a highly regarded editor who has an extensive knowledge of artists' moving image work, both historical and contemporary, bringing an intellectual overview to her work. She has a facility for sharing her extensive knowledge of different editing platforms and approaches and as an artist herself has a profound understanding of the artistic process that enables her to be particularly supportive and insightful. Her intelligent, collaborative and sensitive approach has positively contributed to both the rhythmic qualities and the conceptual structure of a diverse range of artists' works.

The Jules Wright Prize was funded by the Women's Playhouse Trust